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About Us

Why are we called Big Wills tattoos studio?


BIG WIILLS TATTOO STUDIO is a bright colourful family run tattoo studio in Lichfield,named after my son William.

We aim to make a refreshing change from the dark intimidating tattoo shops of old and pretentious ones of new.
The studio is very much urban sports theamed and decorated with Skateboards, Graffiti and Art from local artists.
We have a gallery wall where artist prints, canvases and designs are displayed for sale.
 The studios moto is
 " Always give everbody freindly helpful honest advice "
 This is what we try to achive every day with every customer, from my  previous experiences I have seen peoples faces as they walk into a  poorly lit tattoo studio and have to ask the person on the desk for  advice only to be made to feel that they are not worthy of being in the  shop as they are not covered in tattoos.
 This to me is why we never settle for anything less then being as  polite helpful and informative as possible regardless of how many  tattoos or piercings the customer has or doesnt' have.
 "We all came into the would without any tattoos" as my mentor would say  to me "and its the only thing your sure to take with you when you go"  so everbody has the right to good tattoo advice.

Look out for our competitions

 We have monthly competitions to win prizes from full day sittings to piercings and laser removal. 

Take time to look through or services.

 We  aim to make your time spent with us as comfortable as possible and have  a great experiance at the studio regardless of what you come to us for. 

Meet Our Team

Tattoo Artist/Owner Craig Startin


I've been a tattooist for 12 years and I've worked in several tattoo studios in that time.
 I've always loved drawing and art in general I began tattooing purley  by accident helping a friend on a busy day in his shop where he had been  let down by his apprentice.
 He was impressed with how I could create his stencils so well and asked  me if I'd like to train as a artist I took him up and worked there  every day off from work and when I could afterwork.
 I wouldn't call it an apprenticeship but it was some good training and  stood me well for when I decided to go it alone as a junior artist.
 The type of work I enjoy the most is realism I love to watch a tattoo  come to life although over the years I think I have at some piont done  all the differnt styles of tattoos.

I prefer black and grey for my realism never the less I do enjoy doing very colourful bright traditonal pieces too.
 Im just finding my own style after all these years it is a mixture of  black and grey portraits with polygon shapes and geometric pattern  running through it...i guess you could call it avant guarde.

Tattoo Artist James

 I  am a 23 year old Self taught portrait and tattoo artist from  Staffordshire. I Studied fine Art at Stafford college during 2011-2013  gained inspiration from HR Giger and photo realism artists such as  Kelvin Okafor and Igor Dobrowolski. I mainly Specialise in pencil  realism portraits in which I made a living from during my school and  college years. I also had a number of pieces selected for whitewall  galleries in derby as of 2015. My love for ink hit me around 2016 in  which I took huge inspiration from Arlo Dicristina and Dave Paulo. I  took my first huge step in the industry in the summer of 2018 in which I  was offered a full time artist position with Big wills tattoos and  currently living the dream. My Moto in life is “Carpe diem” , make the  most of this moment right now. 

Piercer Jenny


Well  where do I start? I have done various jobs in my time ranging from  account management to end of life care, all of these roles I have  enjoyed but nothing compares to piercing in our own studio.

I  have been piercing for almost 2 years now and really enjoy my job,  there is never a dull moment in the studio no day is ever the same and I  have met some lovely people in this time. 

My focus for 2018/19 is to learn how to tattoo both script and semi perminant makeup and to focus on eyebrow reconstruction.

B.W tattoo tv

 Black and grey time lapse of rose and lilly's by Craig. 

 A full colour traditional revolver tattoo time lapse done by Craig. 

 Craig doing a polygirl portrait of tattoo model and CEO of Frost Wear Monami Frost at bw tattoos in Lichfield

What we do



 We offer a full range of tattoo styles including portaits, hyperealism,  traditional, oldschool, newschool, water colour, black work and  geodesign,
 We also custom design tattoos and cover up or rework old tattoos

 Our laser removal is by far one of the best in the country we have had  customers be astonished with the results in only one sitting.
 There is discount for block bookings or sessions can be paid on a pay as you go basis.

 We offer a full range of above the waist piecings including dermal  piercings all carried our by a qualified piercer in a sterile and  friendly environment.

 We also offer a drawing service by one of our artists this includeds portaits of loved ones pets or special moments.

Gallery wall
 Our gallery wall is used to display work by local artists and helps give them recognition  
 and sales,no comission is taken from the sale of art work by the store.

Community events


 We  pride our selves on bein part of the local community in lichfield and  apart from attending and taking part in the many local events around the  city we also put our own events on as well. 

Every  year on the Birthday of big wills tattoos and Halloween we lock away  all the sharp objects and inks and open our doors to the local  children's and host a party with bouncy castles,facepainting and a DJ  all funded by us and free to attend for every body.

Its our way of saying to our customers "Thank you for the support through out the year".

We also host many fund raising events during the year please see charity events.



  1. Jade morgan - I visited last week with a couple of friends to get  piercings. The staff where very accommodating and put us all at ease  whilst explaining to process and aftercare clearly. Will definitely be  returning for more piercings and ink work 😍👌
  2. Amy-louise I had a tattoo done over 13 months ago here, i went  back for a free touch up. Absoloutley fabulous staff, had a good laugh  and great conversation. A very clean enviroment. I will always recommend  this place.
  3. Abiee Welsh - Amazing tattoo parlour - friendly staff. Always make  u feel comfortable n have a good laugh while there ❤️ all round ace!!
  4. Ezra Vernon - Best little studio for miles. Great artwork, great  artists, lively atmosphere, bright clean studio and wonderful staff  would strongly recommend to anyone😎😎
  5. Louise-Fernyhough I have a had a few tattoos and piercing at  BW..... the studio is fab .the staff are lovely .very caring and you can  have a laugh which puts you to ease and calms you down if your a bit  nervous. Although no need to be .the preparation before tattoo is  completely sterile.the after care is superb. The staff are just lovely  .I even take my daughter for her tattoos ...... fine cuppa too ... Will  definitely be back for more .love to you all xxx

For more please see or Google reviews 

Current promotions



15% off Tattoo for New customers 

5% off there after for life of your membership With Gym Unity.

We offer 2 for £20 on all piercings.

We only pierce with titanium and offer a free jewellery change service and free aftercare solution.

Laser removal you can save money on  block booking your laser sessions ask in store.

The Golden Ticket's


Every easter we run a community based event were we hide Golden Tickets around the city of lichfield,

We give away hundereds of pounds worth of free tattoo time piercing and laser removal.

All you have to do is guess were we have hidden them from the clues on social media.


Comic convention


As  well as working at tattoo conventions we also tattoo at comic  conventions the last one we did was the Comic festival at Edgbaston  cricket ground.

We had a great day and the sights to be seen are unusual but amazing.

Tattoo conventions

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it. 

We attend many tattoo conventions across the country and we are doing international conventions next year 2019
We hope to see you at one soon.

Site Content

Poppy tattooathon for the British legion


Since we opened less than 2 years ago we have given away over £2000 in tattoo ink time to fund raising events and raffles.

We  have held two poppy tattooathon events where we tattoo a poppy design  in the memory of those that lost there life at war and raised well over  £1000 for the British legion.

Mylee bow tattoo fund raiser


There  is one event that hits me hard everytime I think about it and its the  Mylee bow fundraiser we did in February of this year.

We tattooed pink bow designs on the many  people that came to show there suppor, we raised over £800 to suport the  family through the tragic loss of the young beautiful Mylee.

The Bower


We always attend the bower to show our support for the local community and businesses.

This  year we sponsored the lichfield lions charity club to fill a 100 meters  in pound coins to represent 100 years of the lions club .

Job vacancies

Black work artist wanted

We have a vacancy for a black work mandala artist.

Chair is waiting and bookings already.

To message us hit the contact us button.

Apprentice wanted

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Junior artist wanted


Are you already tattooing and want to work for a independent studio that will give you support and training ? 

We can help you progress as a artist if this is you then hit the contact us button

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